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1.) Q – What happens if I fall behind due to skipping several days or weeks of taking Cerebrafil, can I take more then the recommended amount to catch up?
      A – Yes, Cerebrafil is food, it is an ultra pure fish oil and consuming more in a day is similar to having consumed more fish that day. Cerebrafil is not a medication it is pure pristine healthy food.
2.) Q – How do I cancel an auto ship standing order?
      A– You have complete control of your transaction. This can not be done through our website. The way to suspend or cancel is to login to your PayPal account and find the recurring billing, and suspend, or cancel, as you prefer. Please keep in mind that in the event that you cancel or suspend after your order is billed and shipped the action will be in effect for future orders.
Tel: 305-523-9066

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