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Omega-3s and Mental Well-being

Can eating more omega – 3s really boost our moods? The answer, based on the available scientific and clinical evidence, seems to be a cautious yes. There are four lines of … More Info…

Make the Hangover go away with Cerebrafil

Your Brain on Alcohol: How Can You Make A Hangover Go Away Has last night’s delight turned into this morning’s demon? How can alcohol, a simple molecule composed of only a … More Info…

Fish is brain food, and the oil is why.

The Amazing Super Brain Food – Omega 3 Two Time USA Memory Champion, memory training expert, and memory keynote – Ron White, shares his thoughts on the amazing … More Info…

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Cerebrafil -570mg Maximum Grade Omega-3

The Cerebrafil difference   -> Made from 100% Norwegian Wild Salmon from one single body of pure clean pristine waters. 100% Triglyceride formula for best bioavailability in the natural form.  No Ethyl Esters or chemically synthesized oils.  Ethyl Esters can be good for high numbers on label claims but studies show significantly lower bioavailability absorption and is considered a processed food.  Cerebrafil is totally natural unprocessed other then filtering for perfectly clean … [Learn More…]

Brainpower Oil

Cerebrafil Omega 3 Fish Oil contains zero ethyl esters. This oil is ultra fresh, the encapsulating process removes oxygen and therefore does not allow for rapid oxydation. This is why our oil tastes so good. We encourage you to bite the capsule and taste the clean fresh oil.